Sane Cosmetics

Hii make up junkies. i already showed you on my Instagram page some of the goodies i received from Sane cosmetics. Today i’m going to be reviewing each and every product fully.


Here’s a  little bit about the new brand; “SANE Professional Makeup is produced in the most renowned laboratories in Europe, namely Italy, France, Germany and Spain, using the most innovative formulations.”

My favorite item from the gift bag was the eye shadow. as u can see in the pictures , the packaging and presentation is exquisite! also, it is highly pigmented!! and this specific shade is my favorite in general. the color gold usually has this luxurious imprint on the makeup (if applied properly) so i’m really excited to cook some new looks with this shade 🙂


Now for the blush, usually i’m more of a Bronzer kind of person. however, this highly pigmented blush is so soft on the cheeks, u can control the shade by the quantity applied and it can be used as an eye shadow 😉



i Haven’t used the mascara “The obsession” and dark electric eye pencil yet to review them but by just checking them out i can tell that they are promising. ill definitely post my honest review once i try them both:)

and now finally for the compact foundation. i have never used a compact LIQUID foundation before. Usually i use an ultra liquid foundation with a compact powder. i am stunned by the ease of application a compact liquid foundation has. i mean it doesn’t smudge on the face, its super easy to apply and it provides long lasting FULL coverage. love it love it love it!!

disclaimer: i received these products as a gift from Pamco group& SANE cosmetics, all opinions mentioned above are strictly mine.

Thanks for reading, G x


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