5 Heels every woman should own

Good morning loves!! Along with diamonds, we all know that shoes are a fashionista’s best friend. If you’re a shoe addict like me, you probably have 29843974 pairs of heels shoes and so. However, in my opinion, there are FIVE main high heels every woman should have:




stilettos are defined by long and sharp heels, which give the look ultimate sophistication. i think every woman should have stilettos in the basic colors: black, navy blue, brown, and nude beige. Even though walking in them might not be as comfortable as walking in sneakers, these heels will boost your self esteem and define the outfit as classy and sexy at the same time.





cut out heels are my all time favorites, they are super comfy since mine are catagorized as platform heels at the same time(The main thing that makes them platform is the part of the shoe under the sole is thicker.) they are the ultimate edgy kind of heels, super funky due to the fishnet texture.



Next up is pumps, if you are still reading this article, this means you realized that i’m the typical super girly stylist. pumps known as simply high heels, and mine are open toed but  pumps can also  be either round or sharp&closed. I love these pumps because they are super feminine specially with the ribbon and the pink soles. they’re comfortable,formal, and luxurious (specially its navy blue color)


close up shot for the interior of the heels & pink soles:





due to the ankle strap (hence the name), this type of heels is very comfortable and secure to walk in. the heel length may differ. what i love the most about these heels is that they literally go with any outfit whether its a dress or pants of even ripped jeans. the only disadvantage is that these are summer heels.


Last but not least, one of the most essential heels a woman should have is sling back heels. They are as secure as ankle strap heels but very different.



Unlike ankle strap heels, the sling back heel just has a strap that goes around the back of the heel itself. it provides a much more formal and elegant look. Mine on the other hand, are super comfortable since they are categorized as platforms as well.




thank you for reading, G ❤

disclaimer:  i am in no way affiliated with the brands. all picture and opinions are strictly mine.



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