Ali Younes at the Beirut Fashion Week october 2016

Hi again 🙂 so today im throwing it back to when I was invited to la mode a beyrouth last october and it was one of the best fashion experiences ever. The fashion week was held in FORUM DE BEYROUTH. I attended several shows but none were like Ali Younes’. it was a full house!! i met a lot of influencers, bloggers and striving designers who encouraged me to begin my blogging journey with no fear.


I was in love with the theme of Ali younes’ show! It was called “la foret mystique” which refers to the mystical forest. He basically focused on dark shades and precious embroderies. Each and every piece was different but at the same time had the exact same identity. I haven’t heard of Ali Younes until I attended his show. Apparently he is a Lebanese fashion designer who was inspired by his mother and grand mother who was a designer. He spent most of his childhood in her atelier observing and learning and I believe this is what made him the great couturier he is now. His atelier is based in Lebanon and Kuwait and I can safely say that his team is amazing and well prepared.

His edgy yet classy designs stole the show, its been a while since a Lebanese fashion designer created a new line with his own talent and creativity without copying and repeating same styles.

As for the bride, it was an extra ordinary dress filled with multiple fabrics which created volume, and swarovski crystals which are a representation of his signature. the bride was also wearing a crown as a symbol of royalty to suit such a gorgeous dress.


disclaimer: all pictures and opinions are strictly mine.


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