Feel 22 Beauty

i think i can safely say that feel22beauty (feel22.com) is every Lebanese girl’s favorite online store! Besides the fact that they deliver for free all over Lebanon, they provide their clients with the best international brands which aren’t found here! Their products are authentic, they deliver within two days and they do have a refund/exchange policy (under certain conditions of course) if you ever wanna buy anything from feel22.com (which you should), use my code CADFEEL22 and benefit from a 10% discount! 🙂

im gonna share with you the top brands and products i have purchased from feel22. please note that the following pics and reviews are strictly mine and honest respectively.


and not just brands found at the sephora stores, but the sephora brand itself!


this matte/metallic eye shadow palette was the first product i ever ordered from feel22…. which lead me to buying the second palette:

the packaging is super duper cute! the shades are highly pigmented as u can see in the previous pic. also, theres a tiny manual that can give you ideas on how to blend different colors. Love it 🙂

another brand found at the sephora stores is too faced. personally i hven’t used too faced until i bought the “BETTER THAN SEX” mascara after hearing a lot about it, i wanted to see for myself.


wow just wow!! not only does it increase the length of your lashes but also the volume.


– the formulation is a bit dry which prevents the occurence of racoon eyes

-not more than 2 coats are needed to get the job done

-its easy to remove

-the waterproof version is very effective



i have heard so much about how kiko milano is an amazing yet cheap brand. i got the eye brow palette and mascara kit from feel22. To be honest, the mascara is average, but the eye brow palette is great


As you can see, it is divided into several tones and shades. the brush helps to define the brows in a natural way with the different eye brow definers . oh and by the way, eye brow palettes, regardless of the brand, are way better than using eye brow pencils -> they give a much more natural look and prevent eye brow hair breakage.

Back to the topic, this palette contains wax, and 2 tones of each shade. a small manual exists and it helped me a lot at first. and i love the golden highlighter which can be used on other parts of the face! Not to mention that the dark brown shade can be used as an eye shadow as well due to its strong pigmentation!


Even though beesline is found  in Lebanon,  i was only excited to try it when i saw the whole beesline section on their website. the best product beeslines has is the masks! i tested out the purifying kit which is made up of 3 masks:

  • the Facial anti shine mask: which is rich in antiseptic and purifying extracts , used to absorb excess facial oil and constricts dilated pores to minimize secretion.
  • the black head mask: its my all time favorite since its soooo effective! it eliminates black heads and embedded pimples on the nose and sloughs a deep layer of impurities.
  • the facial daily oxygen scrub: its rich in oat , rice, and vitamins to regenerate , purify, and hydrate the skin.


Beesline on the other hand, is very well known for their apitherapy using the beeswax ointment (hence the name) so another successful beesline purchase was the ointment



  • the texture is half creamy half oily which makes it easy to spread
  • if you purchase this exact ointment from feel22 you will receive a hand full of samples
  • its fragrance free and hypo-allergic

4.Colourpop and Oh so heavenly

i decided to put these two products in the same category since they both have similar packaging. I’ll start with the OH SO HEAVENLY  lip balm. i swear you guys, it IS  heavenly! it smells like bubble gum and strawberry and it is the absolute best lip balm i have ever used in my entire life!



As for the colour pop, there are many kits on their website but i decided to get one individual lippie stix to try it before getting an entire package.


the packaging is cute and simple, and the lip stick is easy to apply.


  • easy to apply
  • variety of shades
  • texture is satin which prevents lip drying
  • the shade ( pic for the swatches is available at the end of this review) is perfect for all skin tones.


  • honestly the only disadvantage of this lippie stick is that it is not long lasting and the color disintegrates on the lips within a few hours so i tend to mix it with other shades.


So thats pretty much it for today, thanks for reading<3 leave a comment of other products you would like me to review, and dont forget to use my code CADFEEL22 when purchasing from feel22.com

byebye xo


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