The Truth About Tanning

hii guys, today i’m going to be discussing an important topic which concerns almost everyone. Tanning. i personally love to tan, but after all the research i’ve done recently, i’ve been having second thoughts. i decided to share with you such information because i realized that tanning is addictive and carcinogenic, and also because the initil purpose of this article was to talk about tanning in a positive way.

First of all, many people will tell you that the only source of vitamin D is the sun so if you get sun burnt, go to a beauty salon, expose your skin to UV rays under a tanning bed and you’ll get both vitD and a glowing tan. Let’s make one thing clear: Tanning beds are a major NO! if you are having vitamin D deficiencies , go check your Dr or Nutritionist, not the beauty salon! However, vitamin D IS necessary and can be provided through your diet. Foods rich in vitD include oranges, carrots, fish, milk and others.


Second of all, even tanning under the sun is not recommended. you might ask why exactly ? because according to the The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer,“Tanned skin is a result of damage to skin cells. Research suggests that the cumulative damage to skin cells can lead to wrinkles, age spots, premature aging and skin cancer.” The skin absorbs the uv rays and its acting as a line of defense but that does not prevent the development of cancer…

How can you avoid all of this and still enjoy summer?


-i would recommend going to the beach after 4pm.  i don’t think its possible to stop tanning all of a sudden , but you can definitely cut down the frequency gradually to finally reaching a state where you have a nice glowing skin color and you dont need to tan to enjoy your time at the beach.

-Also, i would advise the use of sunscreen of SPF 50 to protect your skin and keep it healthy. In the following image you will find my summer beach essentials which include my all time favorite sunscreen by EUCERIN. i love it so much and the best part is that it is MATTE! i had it delivered to my home from FEEL22.COM  (don’t forget to use my code CADFEEL22 to save 10%)

photo5886665052319230872 (1)

-i don’t mean to contradict what i just stated or market any products, but i’m a woman and i know that its hard to avoid going to the beach or tanning before a certain event. therefor, in my personal opinion, i think if you are using a good tanning oil and tan only a couple of times this summer, you will have a healthy glowing tan within unfrequent sun exposures; rather than multiple exposures along with tanning bed sessions.



Since i used to tan a lot, i have used lots and lots of oils and creams and only a few made the cut. instead of going to the beauty salon and exposing your skin for 10 mins, you can use one of the following oils once (since they give instant effects) and follow the previous tips i have mentioned.


i instantly get a golden tan by using the lancaster sun beauty. so to be realistic, i will not tell you to stop tanning forever, but yes you must reduce the frequency and use effective products when tanning in order to get the tan you want before a certain occasion and get it over with.


  • It absorbs right into the skin
  • It keeps skin soft, smooth, and moisturized
  • It can be used with sunscreen
  • A little goes a long way

2. After tanning , it is important to use an “aftersun” product to  prevent skin peeling and damage. My favorite would be the uriage apres soleil spray



-smells really nice

-easy to apply

-does not feel heavy or greasy

and i would also advise the use of the uriage thermale water which is also a spray to keep your face and body hydrated, its also perfect for sensitive skin.(which is the white bottle in the first attached picture)

DISCLAIMER: all products and pictures are mine and not affiliated with any brand what so ever. As for the information, my sources include

Also, for more information about tanning and its relationship with cancer, check out this fact sheet:



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