How to mix and match colors and accessories in a classy way

Hey lovies, so today’s topic is all about fashion I’m going to give you my personal opinion and tips concerning how to mix and match colors, and accessories in a classy way.

Let’s get started 🙂



First of all, different shades of the same color always match. Nudes mainly.

As you can see in the image I styled a simple pair of pink colored pants with pink leather jacket with a touch of white. The shade of the jacket was a different pink shade but very relevant (than that of the pants) + the fabric is different to make it stylish and not formal like an ensemble or suit.

As for the heels I kept it simple and classy with pink-gold shimmery stilettos which are also funky punky to break down any kind of unwanted formal vibes.


I see this outfit as easy to look at because the colors are “calm”, classy and stylish because of the variety of textures and fabrics. And I wore a silver bag to match the white top. All in all it was a simple outfit which was easy to match.


Second of all, if you’re wearing one color, accessories are what gives your outfit the vibe 🙂

For instance, with this white dress, I had to wear colorful but not so colorful accessories to shake it up a bit.


As you can see the dress already has its own floral tweed texture, which shows that its simple but well designed. So in this case I went for a silk grey clutch with glittery high heeled sandals that have silver ribbons to compliment the clutch.


As for my nails, as always, FRENCH NAILS. Ladies, french nails are the classiest form of nail art which matches any color , print, or texture!!

When it comes to accessorizing, I went for a silver and gold watch and focused on the gold color for my bracelet, and necklace(my name). and I added a small black pearl. As simple as that the outfit was simple and classy, I wore it to a baptism.


also as you can notice:

*the dress is at knee high length which gives it an elegant touch.

*the zipper is hidden which is perfect because an outer zipper would totally ruin the whole style of the dress

*there is a zigzag effect on the flowery fabric of the dress and i find that naturally beautiful.


I always make sure that my accessories are homogeneous. With this silk burgundy  dress, I styled up a golden swarovski watch with a golden necklace. But I didn’t want to over do it with the gold shades, so I wore black stilettos and a black Chanel bag. The best part is that the bandouliere of the  bag is basically gold.


You may ask why Gold with burgundy? Metallic colors are a trend that almost everybody in the design world wants to get their hands on,Well,Gold is one of the most effortlessly stylish elements you can add to your outfit and it complements well with most colors too. Plus burgundy and gold are both royal colors so they absolutely go together.


These colors have been paired since ancient Asia as a sign of wealth and power.Dark colors like navy blue, burgundy and black look super royal with gold whereas baby pink violet and baby blue go perfectly with silver. That doesn’t mean the colors don’t work vice versa, They’re just easier to look at.


And finally, one thing i’m never without is my diamond tiara ring. My talented mum who is a jewelry designer and diamond expert designed this work of art a few years back and ever since, i feel naked if i’m not wearing it. I consider it a beautiful gift because its from my precious mum<3



Speaking of metallic colors , here’s an example of how I styled up baby pink with silver and managed a royal classy look.Adding a fierce metallic color to pink changes the whole vibe , otherwise its super girly. It takes away the little school-girl vibe of pink and upgrades it to pink’s classier, more sophisticated older sister.


Specially considering that the D on my diorama metallica is silver in color along with the bandouliere. Notice the details of the shimmery silver heels: heel is not too high, the design is formal but modern, the ribbon gives it an oldies vibe in a fashionable way.

With these accessories, you can either wear white, silver, or a pastel shade of pink.

Last but not least, my final tip for accessorizing this summer, is to keep it super simple at the beach.


For example, the only accessory I wear to the beach is barefoot sandals(or anklets). these white hand made barefoot sandals compliment my blue jeans shorts because they also have white fabric. They set the mood for a beachy casual day without over accessorizing with bracelets and necklaces and etc.

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Ghynwa ❤


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