What you need to know about milk,osteoporosis and lactose intolerance

Hii again:) so my first health related article is going to be about milk, its benefits, its relationship with osteoporosis, and lactose intolerance. From the courses I have already taken As a nutritionist(in the making)and the research I’ve done, I am convinced that milk and other dairy products, is a must in our everyday diet. … More What you need to know about milk,osteoporosis and lactose intolerance

Feel 22 Beauty

i think i can safely say that feel22beauty (feel22.com) is every Lebanese girl’s favorite online store! Besides the fact that they deliver for free all over Lebanon, they provide their clients with the best international brands which aren’t found here! Their products are authentic, they deliver within two days and they do have a refund/exchange … More Feel 22 Beauty

Sane Cosmetics

Hii make up junkies. i already showed you on my Instagram page some of the goodies i received from Sane cosmetics. Today i’m going to be reviewing each and every product fully. Here’s a  little bit about the new brand; “SANE Professional Makeup is produced in the most renowned laboratories in Europe, namely Italy, France, Germany … More Sane Cosmetics

Spring colors

Hii fashion lovers! we all know that every individual is unique when it comes to taste in clothing, colors, and patterns. when it comes to me, pink is my favorite color in all seasons, but mostly during spring/summer. in my opinion, even though its not cold anymore, wearing a soft silky scarf is always a … More Spring colors


      Dior will always be one of my favorite high-end brands. today im going to be reviewing one of my favorite DIOR products.

More Dior